Royale Touche Laminate Ahmedabad

Royale Touche





Between bright yellows and not so subtle pastels; between radical and conservative; between geometric and floral Royale Touche was born. It was the turn of decade. It was 1978 to be precise when 4 brothers Ashwin Patel, Arvind Patel, Dinesh Patel and Jitendra Patel caught on to the entrepreneurial wind that was, at the time, blowing through Gujarat. Their enterprise of choice: Laminates that would change the way India looked at laminates.

This technicoloured dream was first established in Wadhwan City with Royale Touche’s first manufacturing unit. And when the machine started rolling, they made the country’s first luxury laminates. Suddenly the laminate was no longer just an economical, hard-wearing background. The brothers created laminates that had texture, unparalleled designs and most importantly; character.