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Compact Laminate

Compact is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of Kraft paper to produce a laminate in thicknesses from 2-25mm.

What is a Compact Laminate?

compact_laminates_india1Compact is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of Kraft paper to produce a laminate in thicknesses from 2-25mm. It has a decorative face on both sides and ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles or locker doors, wall panels or laboratory furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity, high impact areas. With a density of 14Kg/m2 (for 10mm thickness), Compact is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remarable structural stability, requiring no substrate support in thickness over 6mm.

Our compact conforms to EN438:4 and meets conformity with European Consumer Safety, health and environmental requirements


Standard Sizes 183 x 3660mm

Standard Thickness 2-25mm

Benefits of Compact Laminates

Exceptional self-supporting properties:

  • Greater dimensional stability and flatness
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to water
  • Resistance to fire
  • Excellent hygiene properties
  • Resistance to harmful chemicals and organic solvents
  • Simple and quick assembly without the need for edging and adhesive
  • In case of combustion, emits low amount of harmful gasses and fumes
Compact Application

designer_laminate_sheet_in_vietnam1Explore Royale touche’s rich array of compact laminates available in elegant solid, versatile abstracts and genuine wood patterns. Add value and uniqueness with decors that can blend well with contemporary lifestyles in various setups like

Shower & Toilet cubicles:

  • Office work tops
  • Interior wall cladding
  • Lockers
  • School Bench
  • Kitchen bench tops & Cabinetry
  • Educational Furniture
  • Bathroom Board
  • Outdoor benches
  • Laboratory work tops
  • Fire resistant and anti static work environments
  • Kitchen tops
  • Kids furniture
  • Partitions
Antibacterial Compact Laminates

antibacterial_compact_laminates1 Bacteria is present everywhere. You can find them in the air, water, soil, on food, plants and animals, and on just about every other surface – including your own body. Royale Touche offers its customers a solution against almost all forms of bacteria. Its unique range of antibacterial products is resistant to bacteria and retards the growth of most microbes efficiently.

Application Areas

Royale Touche Anti-bacterial compact grade laminates can be used in the following areas:

  • Restaurants
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals & Health centres
  • Lounges, Restrooms, Storage rooms
  • Schools
  • Kitchens
Chemical Resistant Compact Laminates

Chemical Resistant compacts are meant for the most challenging environments like clinics, pathological labs, photographic darkrooms, classrooms or stylish saloons where working conditions are prone to use chemicals. The décor paper is treated with an advanced formulation which provides resistance from chemicals, abrasive materials & other harsh substances.


  • Chemical resistant
  • Tolerant to cleaning agents
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Cost effective in comparison to expensive substitutes like epoxy, slate & stainless steel

Application Areas:

Royale Touche Resistant Compact Grade Laminates can be used in the following areas:

  • Labs and pathologist’s work rooms
  • Counters and tabletops in hospitals
  • Photographer’s darkrooms
  • Beauty salons
  • Product testing facilities
  • Nurse’s stations, physician and dentist’s examining and treatment rooms

Chemical Resistant Compact Laminates

Size Available: 1550 mm x 3660; Thickness Available: 12 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm & 18 mm

List of Chemicals Ineffective against Chemical Resistant Compact Laminates

Nitric Acid (all concentrations) Glacial Acetic Acid 99% (concentrates) Sulfuric Acid(all concentrations)
Hydrochloric Acid (all concentrations) Formic Acid (all concentrations) Acetic Acid (all concentrations)
Phosphoric Acid (all concentrations) Hydrofluoric Acid 48% (concentrated) Aqua Regia
Chromic Trioxide Picric Acid 1.2%(0.05M) Tannic Acid
Uric Acid
Sodium Hydroxide(all concentrations) Sodium Sulfide 15% Ammonium Hydroxide (all concentrations)
Potassium Hydroxide Sodium carbonate saturated solution Furfural
Carbon Tetrachloride Carbon Disulfide Acetone
Benzene Formaldehyde Methanol
Ethyl Acetate Toluene n-Hexane
Ethyl Alcohol Methyl Alcohol Chloroform
Phenol (all concentrations) EDTA Xylene
Butyl Alcohol Amyl Alcohol Amyl Acetate
Cresol Dioxane Trichloroethane
Chlorobenzene Dimethylformamide Methyl Chloride
Methyl Ethyl Chloride Methyl Ethyl Ketone Methylated Spirits
Naphthalene Tetrahydrofuran Denatured Alcohol
Anilene Blue
General Reagents
Sodium Hypochlorite 5% Calcium Hypochlorite Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Trisodium Phosphate 30% Sodium aThiocyanate Zinc Chloride
Lactated Ringers Sucrose 50% Gasoline
Kerosene Nail polish remover Mineral oil
Vegetable oils Chloroform Phenol(all concentrations)
Water Sodium Chromate Potassium Permanganate
Silver Nitrate Formalin Benedicts Solution
Phosphate Buffered Saline(PBS) Copper Sulphate Petroleum Jelly
Aluminon Ethylene Glycol Ethylene Acetate
Ethyl Ethor Pine oil Methyl Methacylate
Alconox (Lab detergent) Karl fisher reagent Urea
Naphtha Cellosolve Ammonium Phosphate
Iodine Povidone Iodine Tincture of Mercurochrome
Tincture of iodine Tincture of Merthiolate Eucalyptol
Eucalyptol Ferric Procaine Zinc oxide ointment
Aromatic Ammonia Thymol & Alcohol Camphorated Parachlorophenol
Quaternary Ammonia Compounds Monsel’s Solution(ferric subsulfate)
Ferric Chloride Sodium Azide Bromothymol Blue
Phenolphthalein Methyl Red Methyl Orange
Gentian Violet 1% Wrights Blood Stain Methylene Blue
Nigrosine Crystal Violet Malachite Green
Cresol Red Thymol Blue Subsulfate Purified
Isopropyl Alcohol Citric Acid Ethanol (50%)
Fresh Coffee Household Ammonia #2 Pencil
Stamp Pad Ink Shoe Polish Tea Bag
Wax Crayon Yellow Mustard

Plain Colours

11 XL - Black
13 XL - Egg White
15 XL - Light Yellow
17 XL - Mysore Ivory
19 XL - Red
29 XL - Aqua Blue
601 XL - Light Cream
603 XL - Charcoal
851 XL - Warm White
853 XL - Electric Blue
855 XL - Ivory
856 XL - Frosty White
857 XL - Orange
858 XL - Light Beige
859 XL - Peanut
860 XL - Grey
861 XL - Gothic Grey
862 XL - Slate Grey
864 XL - Mango
865 XL - Parrot Green
867 XL - Greyish Blue
869 XL - Green
871 XL - Beige
872 XL - Vodafone Red
873 XL - Dark Grey
874 XL - Modern Grey
875 XL - Pink
876 XL - Cool Blue
877 XL - Almond Mix
878 XL - Granite
879 XL - Camo Green

Wood Grains

890 XL - Mahogany Sapelli
910 XL - Prianza Pear
911 XL - Vancouver Maple
912 XL - Light Noce Versailles
896 XL - Darkwood Mahogany
897 XL - Urban Mahogany
913 XL - Light Sonoma Oak
914 XL - Dark Sonoma Oak
899 XL - Arusha Wenge
900 XL - Monnestry Oak
901 XL - Steaight Grained Wenge
902 XL - Oriental Cane
904 XL - Oxford Cherry
905 XL - Modern Noce Versailles
906 XL - Dark Moldau Acacia
915 XL - Mangfall Beech
907 XL - Light Moldau Acacia
908 XL - Thansau Maple
909 XL - Bavarian Beech
916 XL - Alberta Maple
917 XL - Darkwood Noce Versailles