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Laminate is a composite material manufactured in multiple layers to improve various qualities like appearance, strength, durability, stability and more.


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laminate is a composite material manufactured in multiple layers to improve various qualities like appearance, strength, durability, stability and more. The process of lamination is done either by applying heat or pressure or with the help of adhesives. In few cases, the procedure also involved welding. A common example is that of plastic laminates to protect important papers and documents against damage.

Laminates in the construction industry refers to a type of flooring that has gained popularity around the world for offering many great advantages. Apart from creating decorative surfaces on floors, these are also widely used for table tops and a variety of furniture.



The history of laminate dates back to the ancient era and traces of laminated wood were found by archaeologists in the tombs of Egypt’s Pharaohs. The Chinese have been shaving wood and gluing it together for more than a thousand years now. During the 17th & 18th century, the English and French used layers of hardwood to make desktops, cabinets, doors and chests. Russia is another part of the world where different forms of laminates have been in use before the beginning of the 20th century. The issuing of patents for plywood-like construction materials in New York City in 1860s is another good example.

However, construction-grade laminates such as plywood came into existence only in the 20th century. One of the major breakthroughs was in 1905 when a wood factory in Portland successfully laminated softwood varieties and the output became an instant hit for doors, trunks and other items. It was followed by setting up of plywood mills in various regions in 1920s and discovery of waterproof adhesive in 1934. From the use of plywood in World War II for making boats, gliders and war accessories to its acceptance as a quality flooring material, there was no looking back for laminates.

About Laminate

laminate comes to you in the finest selection of sheet shades, colours and innovative textures that add a soothing and ethereal touch to your home. Create beautiful interiors that appeal and inspire – bold & beautiful! Royale Touché is a name synonymous with contemporary & stylish living, bringing to you an extensive range of laminates for homes, offices and other decorative spaces.

Benefits of Laminate

  • Aesthetics : laminate flooring adds style through natural patterns and seamless blend of design, colours, sheet and texture.
  • Versatile Finish : From floral patterns to matt finish to gloss surfaces, every laminate design is capable of lending distinct look and feel. It makes these options apt for flooring in any part of the house or office.
  • Durability : Laminate is admired for being durable and resistant to wear and tear. These are resistant to scratches and abrasion and are perfect for installation in the heavy-traffic areas for great capability to withstand shock and impact.
  • Easy Installation : Laminate flooring is easier to install as compared to hardwood floors and other alternatives. Many DIY-enthusiasts love to install them without seeking professional help and the entire process requires just about 2 days.
  • Health-friendly : Many manufacturers offer laminates treated with antimicrobial resins, antibacterial coatings and anti-allergen protection to create a healthy space for everyone.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance : The laminated layer obviously safeguards the floors against stains while the spills require simple cleaning using brooms and mops. These don’t demand regular repair and maintenance cost is easy to pocket.
  • Long Life : For being resistant to heat and bad effects of high temperature as well as to UV, laminates last for longer. You can expect the value of up to 20 years from them.
  • Reduced Costs : Low maintenance, long life, easy installation and most of the above-mentioned benefits contribute towards the fact that laminates cater to all budgets.

Materials of Laminate

Choose from an assortment of laminate materials, including plywood, timber and plastic, meticulously engineered into varied textures and finish. You can find them in any type of grains and appearances like pine, oak, maple and many more.