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Decorative Laminates

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Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are the specially designed laminated sheets of brown Kraft papers and decorative printed papers fused together using pressure and heat. These decorative sheets are used to add stylish finishes to furniture items, cabinets, counters, worktops and other installations and also for wall paneling.

If you are searching for dynamic and innovative surfaces for your home furniture or office cubicles and partitions, these are the perfect choice to lend an exclusive luxury look. The best part is that you may choose among hundreds of designs in scores of finishes in this category to match the overall look of your place.


High Pressure Laminates

After being extensively used in World War II, laminates became the talk of the town. However, the foundation for decorative laminates was laid in the 1900s when Kraft paper was impregnated with phenolic resin using thermosetting procedure. The use of decorative papers on Kraft paper began in the 1920s. With the discovery of melamine resin in the 1930s, it became possible to produce laminate sheets with clear surfaces.

The first high quality decorative high pressure laminate came into life in the 1950s. The trends of decorative laminate flooring, countertops and wall panels gained momentum in the 1970s. Needless to say, there exist many technologies nowadays which produce laminates meeting the exact customer demands.

About Decorative Laminates

To manufacture decorative laminates, the brown Kraft paper is soaked in phenolic resin (phenyl formaldehyde), while the decorative paper and the protective translucent sheet are soaked in melamine resin. After these papers become suitably hard, heat and pressure are applied to press and bond them. The result is a laminated sheet with stylish surface and many amazing capabilities for different types of installations.

It is worth mentioning that these sheets are designed in two categories that include high pressure laminates (HPL) and low pressure laminates (LPL). Though HPL is relatively expensive, it is extremely durable and has longer life as compared to LPL. Moreover, HPL is apt for both vertical and horizontal installations, whereas LPL is recommended only for vertical installations in the low traffic areas. Also, LPL is available in limited varieties.

Benefits of Decorative Laminates

  • Water Resistant : Laminated sheets are resistant to water or moisture and are therefore ideal for installation even in the kitchen and bathroom areas. You can expect them to last longer without bearing the impact of different seasons and weather conditions.
  • Huge Variety : Decorative laminates are designed in a wide range of thickness from 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm, while 3 and 4 mm varieties are also available. These sheets come in great choices when it comes to finishes and textures. Some popular ones include wood grains, marble, chrome, metallic, mirror, glossy, matte, crystal, beaded and many more.
  • Durable : Laminates, especially the HPL variety, are durable enough to withstand high traffic and possible wear and tear. Moreover, these are fire-resistant and flame-retardant and are not easily damaged by the common damaging elements like cracks, scratches, cigarette burns, load and impact and more. It means that you can expect them to have long life and great value for your investments.
  • Microbe-Resistant : Designed and treated to be antibacterial and anti-fungal, these surfaces are absolutely admired for being health-friendly for people and pets. These properties also make them a preferred choice for the hospitality industry as well as for hospitals, laboratories and other medical facilities.
  • Easy to Maintain : Low dirt accumulation makes decorative laminates easy to clean using simple cleaning solutions and procedures. As these are less prone to damage and wear and tear, you may have to spend insignificantly to maintain these surfaces.
  • Customizable : You may spend a little more to obtain customized laminates to meet your exact tastes and preferences.

Materials of Decorative Laminates

Brown paper (usually Kraft paper), decorative papers and overlay translucent sheets are the basic materials used for manufacturing these laminate sheets. As mentioned earlier, the decorative paper is available in hundreds of designs, ranging from the standard matte finish to high gloss, textured gloss, wood grains, chrome and so on.

Photos of Decorative Laminates