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Designer Laminates

Designer Laminates Redefine Style and Longevity. Are You Ready for Them?


Designer Laminates

Designer Laminates are the special products of technology that combines the style of decorative papers with the strength of resins to create highly damage-resistant sheets. Unlike industrial laminate sheets, these are apt for installations at home, offices and commercial establishments to bring in elegance and fashion. Designer variety of laminates is trending worldwide as it beats many other traditional materials used for flooring, wall paneling and for furniture applications like tabletops, cabinets, countertops and so on.

You may come across new properties choosing laminates with rich finish and smooth texture. At the same time, the old properties undergoing renovation too invest in these cost-effective solutions for adding worth to the existing market value. Before you decide to choose these amazing solutions, it is important to get familiar with many of their aspects.



The practice of manufacturing designer laminates with high quality witnessed dawn in the 1950s. It was fueled with the discovery of melamine resins and many other important developments. Within two decades, laminate flooring was a popular idea and it encompassed residential as well as commercial installments.

Taking inspirations from its growing popularity, manufacturers began to come up with high-grade laminates that combined styles with many unique qualities. A number of innovations and ongoing research is constantly extending the demand of designer laminates in the construction, architecture and interior designing industries.

About Designer Laminates

Designer Laminates are probably the only material available in designs absolutely blending with all possible interior and furniture styles. For example, you may come across wood laminates, metal laminates, high gloss laminates and textured laminates among several other designs that are in great demand. One factor that contributes towards the variety is that there are many manufacturers actively engaged in bringing fresh options to the market. The demand for them has increased globally thanks to the online suppliers and growing online marketplaces as well as the increase in export channels.

Buyers too search extensively for the varieties available before choosing the right design matching their existing space. Moreover, they have the freedom to obtain customized designs as many top manufacturers offer this advantage.

Benefits of Designer Laminates

When it comes to benefits of designer laminates, there are many aspects that set them apart in terms of installation, maintenance and functionality. Some of these include:

  • Dimensional Accuracy : It is one quality that makes laminates popular among architects and those working at the construction or installation sites. It is possible to obtain these sheets in precisely the exact size as the space demands. It leads to accurate installation which also adds to resistance against damage.
  • Impeccable Style : Laminates are available in unmatched styles in all possible traits like colors, textures and finishes. As a result, you can expect to add elegance, luxury and inimitable look to your property. No wonder if the visitors to your place greatly praise your choice.
  • Long Life : There are many qualities of designer laminate sheets which contribute towards their longevity. One of them is their ability to resist wear and tear. These are also designed to resist impact, moisture and scratches and are well-known for being sturdy and durable. Even the areas with high traffic or usage are ideal for the material.
  • Great Value : For being durable and having long life, laminates bring back some great returns on the investments made. However, there is much more to it. These sheets call for easy cleaning and low maintenance which also save costs. Moreover, these add significant value to your property. You may expect to get more value in case you take the decision to sell your property in the future.
  • Many Applications : Countertops, tabletops, cabinets, kitchen areas, floors, wall linings and many other applications find laminates as one of the most suitable options.

Materials of Designer Laminates

Kraft paper and decorative paper are the main materials that are treated with phenolic and melamine resins and then pressed together under high temperatures and pressures to create designer laminates. An addition layer of translucent sheet is added as a protective overlay.

Photos of Designer Laminates