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Exterior Laminates

Exterior Laminates to Lend Impression as a Proud Property Owner.


Exterior Laminates

Exterior laminates, also called the exterior grade laminates, are the specially designed high-pressure decorative laminate sheets used for exterior applications like wall claddings, balcony claddings, façade claddings and more. Owing to their ability to withstand potential damaging factors, these are also used for exterior furniture applications. These differ from laminates used in the interiors as well as from other exterior substrates that often fail to endure rough weather and other shortfalls discussed in the sections below.

The fact that laminates for exterior claddings can turn any building into a masterpiece makes them popular among designers, architects and construction companies. It is common to find their usage in many commercial setups apart from the residential projects.



When the first plastic laminates were designed in the 1900s, their usage was limited to industrial products only. It was in 1927 that the decorative paper was discovered and added to laminates to simulate patterns like marble and wood grains. Apart from being extremely attractive and colorful, these laminate sheets also displayed qualities like resistance to heat, water and chemicals.

Over all these years, European Standards like EN 428 and many others have been issued to highlight the capabilities of exterior laminates. Nowadays, these laminates are used not only for the decoration of residential and commercial properties but also for sun protection and other similar uses.

About Exterior Laminates

If you have read about high pressure laminates, you must be familiar that these are prepared by impregnating brown Kraft paper with phenolic resin and adding decorative sheet and translucent sheet after being soaked in melamine resin. Manufacturing exterior laminates goes a step further as the additional layers are added to prevent probable damage from ultraviolet rays and various weather elements.

These can be designed in standards and customized sizes and thicknesses and in unbelievable large numbers of designs and patterns. No wonder that these contribute substantially towards the ever-growing market for construction laminates.

Benefits of Exterior Laminates

  • Weather Protection : Any material you choose for exterior applications must withstand weather damage in long term and exterior laminates are just the perfect option in this regard. Not only these survive the routine exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, but can also adapt to the sudden variations in temperature. Moreover, these laminates are resistant to damage by rain, hail, snow and so on.
  • Elegant Designs : When you decide to choose decorative laminates for exterior claddings, you are bound to face tough time choosing among the huge varieties. Available in some great colors, outstanding textures and patterns, superior finishes and natural-looking designs, these can add excellent value to your buildings and furniture.
  • Safety : Being fire resistant, exterior laminates may bear less damage in the incident of fore breakouts. It is also worth mentioning that being water and moisture resistant, these also remain safe during accidental water leakages. Going further, these offer high resistance to impact, scratches and wear and tear.
  • Easy Installation : As compared to other substrates and materials, laminates are easy to install and dismantle and showcase self supporting ability and excellent dimensional stability. Each of these advantages makes them popular for installation for exhibition buildings, sports facilities, public facilities, entertainment venues as well as for business establishments.
  • Long Life : Apart from the advantages mentioned above, exterior laminates are also easy to clean. In fact, they have self-cleaning ability and may also have anti-soiling coatings. Moreover, they are non-corrosive and don’t deform, rot or warp. Each of these qualities adds to their long life which brings great returns on investment for the property owner.

Materials of Exterior Laminates

Like other varieties of high pressure decorative laminates, exterior laminates are also manufactured from material like Kraft paper and decorative papers made hard with melamine resin. Additional UV coatings, anti-soiling coatings and anti-graffiti coatings are done to make them even more superior for the kinds of applications these are used for. You may choose them in a variety of finishes like wood grains, marble, metallic and so on.

Photos of Exterior Laminates