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Laminates : Your Home, Your Style.



Laminates are composites, comprising of one or multiple layers of materials that undergo high-pressure manufacturing process to improve stability, strength, resilience, visual appearance and other properties. It may be manufactured from different kinds of resin systems, metal foils or reinforcements used in building high pressure laminate. Decorative laminate is thin, resilient and strong, typically used in interior renovation like designing feature walls, building furniture surface materials, wall paneling, etc. These are responsible for varied beautiful designs, textures and colors that you can see in modern carpentry artwork.

A laminate comprises of three layers – overlay, decorative and core layer. Different layers are individually treated with varied concoction of resins and adhesives to give different desirable attributes like wear resilience, durability, flexibility, aesthetics, chemical and water resistance, etc. The layers are piled in molds and then cured under high pressure and temperature. Laminates are an integral part of modern homes, and plays a pivotal role in accentuating its aesthetic appeal and value. Therefore, your choice of laminate should emphasize your style, taste and personality that are as unique as your home.



Several facts can be found related to the history of laminate. Johann Ludwig Andre, the pioneer in introducing the first veneer manufacturing business in Germany in 1851, founded laminates in 1959. Laminated wood has also been found in the tombs of Egypt that date back to the ancient period. The French and English are believed to use hardwood to manufacture different types of furniture during the 17th and 18th century. However, it is only after mid-20th century, that laminate was accepted as an innovative form of manufacturing furniture, flooring and other household products. Manufacturers were encouraged to integrate new design forms and this revolution inspired others to follow the trend.

About Designer Laminates

Laminate features multiple layers of a material – Timber, Plywood and Plastic – that are molded and cured under high pressure and temperature, ranging from 70-1000 bars or 1000 – 1500 pounds per square inch. Under such extreme pressure, the composite material achieves higher strength resiliency, durability, sound insulation, and other properties that can be used across a wide range of applications. Laminates are assembled permanently by heat, pressure, adhesives or welding, whatever suits the material.

Generally, a laminate is composed of three layers. The base layer is impermeable that helps to improves the structural stability and also functions as water resistant. The middle layer is typically a wooden base, built from multiple layers. The topmost layer is the decorative or wearing surface and may comprise of different layers, depending on the production process. There are varied designs, textures and finish available in topmost layer of laminate. The resin-coated cellulose covering the upper layer gives the surface a tough, durable fining and make is visually appealing.

Benefits Laminates

  • Available in wide range of choices : Depending on the type of product or manufacturing process, laminate is available in different specifications based on materials, thickness, patterns, textures, colors and more.
  • Extremely versatile in nature : Laminates are extremely versatile and can be used in varied applications like doors, windows, countertops, vanities and tabletops. However, laminate flooring is most popular.
  • Strong and highly durable : Since a laminate is manufactured under high pressure and heat, they tend to be extremely strong and durable. Owing to its strength and resilience, it is widely used in commercial properties that witness heavy traffic.
  • Visually attractive : These are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and textures that make any surface eye catchy and beautiful.
  • Low maintenance : One of the biggest advantages of laminate is ease of maintenance. They can be easily cleaned and do not require repairs or renovation.

Materials of Laminates

Laminate materials include plywood, plastic and wood. Decorative laminates are manufactured with decorative papers with layers of strong materials on top of the decorative paper. A new variety of high pressure laminate is built using multilaminar veneer or real wood veneer designed as the top surface.

Photos of Laminates