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Paper Laminates

Paper Laminates – Style Combined with Functionality Meets Affordability.


Paper Laminates

Paper laminates are the attractive and designer surfacing solutions that are produced by bonding stylish and decorative papers over a variety of substrates. These options have gained popularity in a number of applications and one reason for that is the availability of decorative paper in hundreds of print patterns and solid colors. Known for their excellent surface quality and high gloss finish, these laminates are widely in use in residential furniture, residential and commercial installations and another variety is used in industrial applications as well.

The level of resin content used significantly influences the durability, machinability and many other important qualities of these laminates. Are you absolutely new to the world of laminates? Here’s a discussion that introduces the key aspects of paper laminates.



By the middle of the 20th century, the laminate manufacturers had already started conducting huge experiments on varieties of laminate sheets. With the evolution of industrial décor printing in the 1960s, new standards were set to process decorative varieties of paper into realistic surface materials that can be used in furniture-making as well as in the construction and architecture industries.

Soon, the papers with improved printing quality and opacity and those imitating natural textures like wood were developed. At present, the brilliant combinations of designer, durable and value-added papers and cutting-edge printing, processing and impregnating technologies are constantly adding scores of choices to the world of paper laminates every single day.

About Paper Laminates

Laminates are known for being affordable solutions and paper laminates are the perfect example in this regard. Admired for their extraordinary smoothness, the decorative papers used for creating these laminates also have different levels of opacity that define the applications for which they are appropriate. Impregnation with resins is another important aspect that decides the quality, strength and performance of these laminates. For example, the industrial paper laminates have higher contents of resins as compared to those used for residential installations and furniture items.

Continuous roll lamination on flat substrates and profile wrapping around substrates are the two popular techniques of bonding decorative papers and the selected substrates. Some of the most common applications include internal cabinet surfacing, external cabinet surfacing (usually vertical surfaces), furniture, case goods, shelving and paneling. Molding and framing are two other popular applications of paper laminates.

Benefits of Paper Laminates

Paper laminates are usually preferred for light duty applications where the possibilities of wear and tear are low. However, there are many benefits that make this material among the most amazing options for such applications. These include:

  • Something for All : Woodgrains and textiles are the popular designs available in hundreds of varieties. Stone and abstract decorative papers too make their presence felt. However, these are just few examples, as there is no limit to the designs and styles in which paper laminates can be created.
  • Unmatched Fidelity : Creating realistic designs in solid colors and printing them rationally on paper is one thing that set these laminates apart from other decorative materials. Their surfaces have excellent fidelity to endorse consistent and realistic printing.
  • Resistance to Damage : The use of high quality resins and adhesives in their processing makes paper laminates extremely resistant to many possible damaging factors. One of them is moisture. The additional topcoat further prevents water from causing the damage. These surfaces are also resistant to scratches and stains.
  • High Degree Customization : Unique and distinguished patterns and designs can be created using a variety of colors and putting in the unlimited creativeness. Buyers may make choices among the available paper grades as well as coatings depending on specific applications. In addition, the customized laminates are quickly designed and you may get them ready between 20-25 days.
  • Low Cost : It is indeed the best advantage of paper laminates that they meet all budget constraints. These are low-cost alternatives to the wood-based materials without causing any compromise with the overall aesthetics and performance.

Materials of Paper Laminates

Decorative papers with or without resins are the main materials used for manufacturing these laminates. Substrates used in the process are mainly the wood-based composite substrates like particleboards and fiberboards. While the topcoat is optional, it is advised to not miss it to ensure longer life.

Photos of Paper Laminates