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ES 1697

ES 1697


1.25 mm


Product Size
1220mm x 2440mm
Product Texture
Deep Texture
Product Finish
Classic woody


₹2780/ SHEET*


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ES 1697

Anti Bacterial

All the layers of the laminate are treated with a special human safe chemical to give the product its anti-bacterial properties. The surface does not allow for growth of bacteria/virus on it.

Anti Fingerprint

The matt finish of the laminate is achieved through a specially prepared resin mixture and treatment of the paper under highly controlled conditions. This renders the surface anti-fingerprint

Anti Scratch

A highly specialised Aluminium oxide coating on the top surface of the laminate makes this laminate 4 times more scratch resistant than ordinary laminates.

UV Colour Fastness

All the pigments that have been used in the décor paper adhere to strict guidelines of being 6+ on the blue wool colour index. This quality parameter makes this laminate extremely resistant to fading due to exposure to sunlight.

* The MRP is inclusive of all local taxes in India.
The MRP is subject to change without any prior notice.